Stephanie E. Vasko, Ph.D. 

Stephanie E. Vasko uses qualitative and quantitative methods to to provide clients with tailored solutions. She focuses on collaborative capacity and internal communication within teams, strategic and institutional planning, education, community building, and project and program management. 

Dr. Vasko is currently the Managing Director of the Center for Interdisciplinarity at Michigan State University. She was formerly the program manager for The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative at Michigan State University and was an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Community Engagement Fellow in 2017. Her current personal research focuses on the intersection of the histories of innovation in chemistry and fashion and on applications of artificial intelligence to team and community building. When not working, Dr. Vasko is an avid runner, a blacksmith, and a textile artist. Follow her on Twitter: @stephanievasko or on Instagram: @stephanie_vasko